Good Life Links

So here are some of our “Good Life” links:

Oliver was delivered with the assistance of Deborah Rhodes,  from Wharfedale Independent Midwifery Practice. The service has been excellent, it has been well worth paying to ensure Joanne had the birth she wanted, and to provide the confidence in the continuity of care recieved.

Of Course we have an organic vegetable box delivered each week by Farmaround North. Actually we have only just started using this service, but the food does taste better, and a lot of it is a local.

We are using reusable nappies washed by Nappy Train.

We stick to Real Ale, preferring beer with true flavour to the stuff that needs chilling to make it drinkable. We are CAMRA members, and enjoy our local branches regular rambles about the fine countryside and hostelries of our neighbourhood. We are also blessed with a number of great breweries locally; Timothy Taylors is the most famous, but there are another half dozen with beer as good if not better.


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